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Culinary Close Up


Close up with Chef Paulo Airaudo, awarded Two Michelin star chef with Chefs Mag by All4Chefs
Chef Paulo Airaudo

Chef Paulo Airaudo

AMELIA ** Two Stars Michelin Restaurant-San Sebastian
NOI ** Two Stars Michelin Restaurant-Hong Kong
ALEIA * One Star Michelin Restaurant- Barcelona
June 9, 2024 Read More
Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos

Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos

EL CIELO * One Star Michelin Restaurants Miami / Washington DC- USA
EL CIELO Restaurants Medellin / Bogota - Colombia
June 2, 2024 Read More
Arnaud Bignon Chef Patron at Spondi One Star Michelin French cuisine restaurant -Athens
Chef Arnaud Bignon

Chef Arnaud Bignon

SPONDI - 1* Michelin Restaurant Athens, Greece
May 25, 2024 Read More
Close up with Chef Top Russell, Chef Patron at Mia One star Michelin Restaurant in Thailand by All4Chefs
Chef Top Russell

Chef Top Russell

MIA 1* Michelin Restaurant Bangkok, Thailand
May 10, 2024 Read More
Chef Nicolo Rotella
Chef Nicolo Rotella

Chef Nicolo Rotella

8 ½ OTTO e MEZZO BOMBANA - 2** Michelin Restaurant Shanghai China
April 24, 2024 Read More

Summer Menu Challenge

Chef Nicolo Rotella

Chef: Nicolo Rotella

Restaurant: 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai


  1. Italian roast beef 36 months parmesan cheese celery and caviar

  2. Riso al Salto porcini mushrooms and parsley sauce

  3. Roasted duck, Foie Gras terrine, pickles zucchini and stuffed zucchini flower

  4.  Up close dish 1-Italian roast beef 36 months parmesan cheese celery and caviar

  5. Roasted Duck

  6. Yellow croaker , porcini and tarragon

  7. Wagyu tenderloin beef tartare fermented porcini ,yellow mustard emulsion and black truffle

  8. Tuna tartare ,onion cone and caponata gelato

  9. Traditional piedmont dessert bonet

Discover. Restaurants

CAAA Restaurant Lucerne

CAAA Restaurant by Pietro Catalano: Where Culinary Art Meets Cutting-Edge Design

CAAA by Pietro Catalano stands out in Lucerne’s vibrant dining scene, offering an unparalleled experience where culinary art and innovative design converge. Situated next to an art gallery, the restaurant’s location is a fitting prelude to the creativity that unfolds within its walls. The chic, modern interior, characterized by curved lines and pale tones, evokes a Nordic aesthetic that complements the restaurant’s sophisticated ambiance.

Architectural Brilliance

Designed in collaboration with the renowned firm External Reference, CAAA’s interior is a testament to modern architecture and sustainability. The design process incorporated advanced technologies such as Midjourney for AI-generated concepts and Grasshopper 3D for parametric design. This innovative approach resulted in a dining space that harmonizes with nature, featuring organic, 3D-printed elements made from recycled materials like cellulose, glass, wood, and plastic. The ceiling, reminiscent of snow-covered alpine trees, creates an atmosphere of pristine tranquility.


Immersive Dining Experience

By day, CAAA exudes a serene elegance, but as night falls, the restaurant transforms into a magical realm with projections of the Northern Lights dancing across the ceiling. This immersive setting enhances the dining experience, making each visit memorable and unique. The intimate space, accommodating around 20 diners, ensures personalized service and a cozy, exclusive ambiance.


Chef Pietro Catalano’s journey to culinary excellence is as remarkable as the dishes he creates. A self-taught chef, Catalano discovered his passion for cooking in a modest Swiss alpine hut in 2018. His career, marked by innovative techniques and a commitment to sustainability, reflects a fusion of traditional alpine influences and modern culinary practices. Catalano’s philosophy is not just about creating delicious food but also about making a positive impact on the environment and society.

The Chef Behind CAAA: Pietro Catalano

“CAAA is a story of family, passion and excellent taste.”

“Imagine a Place where every dish is not just a meal but a Sensory Journey, echoing the Majesty of the Alps, which are intrinsically woven into our DNA”


The Tasting Journey

In the evening, diners can choose from tasting menus of three, five, or seven courses, each thoughtfully curated to take guests on a gastronomic journey. The lunchtime “Chef’s Mood Menu,” a three-course affair, changes weekly, offering a fresh and exciting experience for regular patrons. The open kitchen allows guests to witness the meticulous preparation of their meals, adding an element of transparency and engagement to the dining experience. Read more






Gordon Ramsay: "“If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did.”


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