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The Siren Calls You to Amsterdam

This May, Amsterdam’s culinary landscape is set to be revitalized with the opening of The Siren, located in the vibrant heart of Rokin. Brought to you by the visionary team behind the beloved Secret Garden, The Siren promises not just a meal, but a journey into the heart of Southern European flavors.


Masters of Mediterranean Flavors

At the helm of The Siren’s kitchen are Executive Chef Lein Schoe and Head Chef Michael Mulas, both celebrated for their deep understanding of Mediterranean cuisine. Their expert hands craft a menu brimming with house-made pastas, freshly baked breads, and a selection of seafood and meats that showcase the richness of Southern European culinary traditions.

The Siren Amsterdam
The Siren Amsterdam

Push for Bubbly: A Novel Twist on Service

Unique to The Siren is the ‘champagne button’ at every table, ensuring that a taste of luxury is always at your fingertips. With just a simple press, a champagne cart laden with an extensive selection of sparkling wines is wheeled directly to your table, adding a touch of theatre to your dining experience.

More Than Just Dining: A Feast for the Senses

The Siren: A Venue of Visual Splendor

Designed by architect Will Erens of Too Many Agencies, the interior of The Siren reflects the diversity and beauty of the Mediterranean. Marble and copper details create a kaleidoscopic effect, while a stunning statue of a siren oversees the space, enhancing the restaurant’s enchanting atmosphere.

Visionaries Behind the Concept

The Siren is the brainchild of Roy and Mike Poppes and Michiel Dekker, who have once again proven their prowess in creating captivating dining environments. Their new venture invites diners to immerse themselves in a world of opulent design and vibrant energy, promising an unforgettable experience.

Your Mediterranean Escape Awaits

As the doors to The Siren prepare to open, anticipation builds for this new chapter in Amsterdam’s dining scene. Promising an amalgam of superb cuisine and mesmerizing interior design, The Siren beckons. Prepare to be seduced by the flavors and flair of this exceptional new establishment. For more details, visit The Siren Amsterdam.

The Siren Amsterdam

Culinary Conversation

with the Head Chef at “The Siren” -Michael Mulas

As the anticipation for The Siren’s grand opening reaches a crescendo, we steal a moment with the  Driving Force in the Kitchen , the Head Chef, Michael Mulas. With a career steeped in Mediterranean mastery and an adventurous spirit that has taken him from Sardinia to the shores of Amsterdam, Chef Mulas is about to unveil the happenings behind the kitchen in this pre-opening hours at ” The Siren”.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into his culinary philosophy, inspirations behind The Siren’s unique menu, and what guests can expect from this much-awaited dining destination.

Here’s what Chef Mulas had to share with us:

The Siren-Behind the doors with Head Chef Michael Mulas
  • What makes The Siren’s approach to Mediterranean cuisine stand out in Amsterdam’s diverse culinary scene?

– I think Amsterdam’s culinary scene It’s getting more interesting year after year, there are many nice hotspots in the area but I have to admit it definitely lacks of Mediterranean selection!

At the moment even having the availability of a lot of different cuisines it’s very hard to find a very nice high end Mediterranean Restaurant in the area. There is not really a place here were you would feel in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, from the table setting to the menu offerings, I really think anybody could understand “The Siren” will stand out in the Amsterdam scene just after walking inside the dining room and opening the menu for their first time!

  • How do you plan to balance tradition and innovation in your kitchen?

–  I was born and grown in Sardinia, a small Island in the very center of the Mediterranean sea, from a family who have seriously everything based on traditions: My father and mother are farmers, they grow every vegetable, fruit and animal they bring daily on their tables! My father has a production of Charcuterie, Wine and Extra virgin olive oil which does almost exclusively for passion! But also for The Siren (This year he dedicated a big part of his Olive oil production and bottled almost exclusively for our guests here at The Siren).

I can be proud to say He passed all his knowledge to me and now it’s almost 15 years I live abroad! With all my Travels for work around the Mediterranean seas, Europe and Asia, between Michelin star restaurant and luxury hotels I learnt how to make treasure of those traditions and passions and refine them for our guests!

  • What are some of the signature dishes guests can look forward to at The Siren, and what was the inspiration behind them?

–  The whole menu is inspired by my traditions back home and from all my trips around the world! Every dish is a piece of me or a piece of one of my trips! The Cuttlefish empanadas are made following my grandma’s recipe, the seafood fregola it’s made following my mother’s recipe, the butterflied seabream with Mojo Verde and Rojo brings back In my head the smells of the BBQ and the flavors in the little roads of the Spanish islands! There is not really a particular dish the guest would look forward to, every single dish is a special thing to look forward.

  • Sustainability is a critical focus in the culinary world today. How does The Siren address sustainability in its operations?

–  At The Siren we promise to have a seasonal menu where we will focus on having only the freshest seasonal products! We will also have a good Vegetarian offering.

  • The Siren features a unique ‘champagne button’ service. How do you think this enhances the dining experience?

–  I think it’s everyone’s dream to have Champagne on demand at the table, paired with the purest Beluga caviar (We can be proud to say we are one of the only restaurants in Amsterdam to offer it). It really can be really fan and interesting especially paired with our Carte of 170 fine wines

  • Can you share how the interior design by Will Erens influences the ambiance and dining experience at The Siren?

–  Guests will be dining in front of a unique and beautiful Siren statue, with their feet on french moquettes and on the Finest Italian Marbles! Every single wall, table and floor is all about attention to details and made to make you feel somewhere around The Mediterranean

  • How do you foresee The Siren impacting the local culinary community in Amsterdam?

–  I really think The Siren, with it’s unique Food and beverage offerings, personalized service and attention to details will become one of the biggest hotspots in Amsterdam. The Community in Amsterdam loves to have great drinks and foods, finest ingredients, with live music till late and on a beautiful Instagrammable setting: The Siren really hits the spots on all of this

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