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A Culinary Revelation: Studio Frantzén Arrives in Dubai

PhotoS Credit to: RASTUDIO

This Q4, Dubai’s famed Atlantis The Palm will unveil a new dining treasure, Studio Frantzén. Crafted by the acclaimed chef-restaurateur Björn Frantzén, this restaurant marks his debut in the Middle East, introducing a unique blend of French-Asian gastronomy with distinct Nordic influences.

Gastronomic Innovation: The Essence of Studio Frantzén

Nordic Roots, Global Flavors

Studio Frantzén stands out with its innovative approach that marries French and Asian culinary traditions with a Nordic twist. The expansive à la carte menu features texturized, refined dishes that highlight pure ingredients—a signature of Björn Frantzén’s esteemed cooking style.

Ambience and Service: Scandinavian Elegance Meets Effortless Luxury

The design of Studio Frantzén echoes the tranquility of the Nordic landscape, set within a modern Scandinavian ambiance that speaks of effortless luxury. The service, sophisticated yet unpretentious, complements the lively curated background music, ensuring a vibrant yet relaxing dining experience.

Crafting Experiences: The Bar Program and Interactive Elements

An innovative Nordic-oriented bar program features signature cocktails and spirits infused with Nordic ingredients, enhancing the culinary adventure. The unique ‘champagne button’ at each table adds an interactive element, allowing guests to summon a champagne cart directly to their table with the press of a button.

Chef Björn Frantzén

Björn Frantzén, born Jan 26, 1977, from Solna, Stockholm, transitioned from football to culinary arts. Notable stints at Edsbacka krog, Chez Nico’s, etc.

Opened Frantzén/Lindeberg in 2008, earning two Michelin stars until 2016.

Launched projects like Catering Frantzén and Gaston wine bar.

Globally, debuted Frantzén’s Kitchen in Hong Kong in 2016, then Zén in Singapore in 2018, gaining three Michelin stars in 2021.

Latest anticipated venture: Studio Frantzen restaurant in Dubai !

Numerous awards include three Michelin stars for both Stockholm and Singapore restaurants.

Dual Dining Concepts: Studio Frantzén and FZN

Studio Frantzén is more than a restaurant; it’s a dual concept venue. The primary space serves as a casual yet chic restaurant-bar that can accommodate 220 guests, complete with a rooftop orangery overlooking Dubai’s skyline. Nested within it is FZN, a fine dining restaurant drawing inspiration from Frantzén’s flagship locations in Stockholm and Singapore, promising an intimate and elevated dining affair.

A Global Culinary Empire: The Frantzén Group

Behind Studio Frantzén is the Frantzén Group, known for its exceptional collection of globally recognized restaurants and bars. With a commitment to quality that has earned a total of 6 Michelin stars, the Group ensures that their high standards are mirrored in every aspect of the dining experience, from service to menu selection, across all locations.

The Future of Fine Dining in Dubai

As Atlantis The Palm prepares to welcome Studio Frantzén, Dubai’s culinary scene is set to be enriched by a blend of tradition and innovation. This new venture not only promises to be a highlight of Dubai’s dining options but also a beacon of global culinary excellence. For those eager to experience this revolutionary concept, keep an eye on updates and prepare for a dining experience that promises both sophistication and enchantment.