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CAAA Restaurant by Pietro Catalano: Where Culinary Art Meets Cutting-Edge Design

CAAA by Pietro Catalano stands out in Lucerne’s vibrant dining scene, offering an unparalleled experience where culinary art and innovative design converge. Situated next to an art gallery, the restaurant’s location is a fitting prelude to the creativity that unfolds within its walls. The chic, modern interior, characterized by curved lines and pale tones, evokes a Nordic aesthetic that complements the restaurant’s sophisticated ambiance.

Architectural Brilliance

Designed in collaboration with the renowned firm External Reference, CAAA’s interior is a testament to modern architecture and sustainability. The design process incorporated advanced technologies such as Midjourney for AI-generated concepts and Grasshopper 3D for parametric design. This innovative approach resulted in a dining space that harmonizes with nature, featuring organic, 3D-printed elements made from recycled materials like cellulose, glass, wood, and plastic. The ceiling, reminiscent of snow-covered alpine trees, creates an atmosphere of pristine tranquility.

Immersive Dining Experience

By day, CAAA exudes a serene elegance, but as night falls, the restaurant transforms into a magical realm with projections of the Northern Lights dancing across the ceiling. This immersive setting enhances the dining experience, making each visit memorable and unique. The intimate space, accommodating around 20 diners, ensures personalized service and a cozy, exclusive ambiance.

Culinary Philosophy

At CAAA, the menu is a dynamic showcase of modern and seasonal cuisine. Chef Pietro Catalano, an autodidact chef inspired by his alpine roots, leads the culinary team with a philosophy deeply rooted in sustainability and respect for nature. Each dish is crafted using regional ingredients, highlighting the flavors of the transalpine region through techniques such as fermentation, dehydration, and distillation. This approach not only preserves the essence of the ingredients but also creates extraordinary flavors that evoke a sense of place and memory.

The Tasting Journey

In the evening, diners can choose from tasting menus of three, five, or seven courses, each thoughtfully curated to take guests on a gastronomic journey. The lunchtime “Chef’s Mood Menu,” a three-course affair, changes weekly, offering a fresh and exciting experience for regular patrons. The open kitchen allows guests to witness the meticulous preparation of their meals, adding an element of transparency and engagement to the dining experience.

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The Chef Behind CAAA: Pietro Catalano

“CAAA is a story of family, passion and excellent taste.”

“Imagine a Place where every dish is not just a meal but a Sensory Journey, echoing the Majesty of the Alps, which are intrinsically woven into our DNA”


Chef Pietro Catalano’s journey to culinary excellence is as remarkable as the dishes he creates. A self-taught chef, Catalano discovered his passion for cooking in a modest Swiss alpine hut in 2018. His career, marked by innovative techniques and a commitment to sustainability, reflects a fusion of traditional alpine influences and modern culinary practices. Catalano’s philosophy is not just about creating delicious food but also about making a positive impact on the environment and society.

A Close up with Chef Pietro Catalano

What inspired you to open CAAA in Lucerne, and how did you choose its unique location next to an art gallery?

–  Key inspiration was Music & Art, the city Lucerne wehre I Study Classic Trumpet before I got be an Entrepreneur. Such Rich cultural City like Lucerne we find it perfect for our storytelling. The location came across from a good friend telling our vision.

How did your experience as an autodidact chef influence the development of CAAA’s menu and culinary philosophy?
–  As an autodidact chef I believe we go and do many way till we find our recipe for success. There are endless mistake because we do not work by the books in the very first stage, more by feelings. When we developed the Menu of CAAA we totally knew it will be 3-5-7 corse Menu including part of Mixology. We wanted clarify all questions before our guest enter CAAA so our guest are free in mind to fully enjoy the full Experience like they go to a Classic Concert they bought the ticket and the concert can start.
Can you describe the process of incorporating AI-generated concepts and 3D printing technology into the restaurant’s design?
–  We where very close in contact with the Architecture Company External Reference and we tell them our story our DNA where we coming from what dish we serve how we serve who is serving the dish ect. Basically the vision was clear so we type it down and feed the information to AI and we got a visual mood board. It help us to go in certain direction. The Architects came up with the idea to focus on the ceiling and Print a 3D alpine snowy ceiling. At that moment I even did not know that is possible to print such large element in a very efficient time. For us it was super excited to be the first Restaurant in the World to have a 3D Printed ceiling.

How do you balance traditional alpine culinary techniques with modern innovations in your dishes?

–  Thanks to Büchi LAB Rotovap we can extract, Distill all kind of Alpine flavor to implement in our culinary journey. Especially in traditional Sauce, oil, drinks. Everything is based on Tradition it start from the Story of the dish.

What role do regional and seasonal ingredients play in your menu planning?

–  We are a team driven by curiosity so we looking always around us what we can use now to preserve, distill, ferment. We also looking to be in contact with the farmers to speak about their project where we can share our knowhow.

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Discover CAAA Restaurant by Pietro Catalano
Discover CAAA Restaurant by Pietro Catalano-All4Chefs Restaurant stories
Discover CAAA Restaurant by Pietro Catalano-All4Chefs Restaurant stories

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How do you ensure sustainability in both your cooking practices and the restaurant’s design?

–  We pay attention to material where its coming from how its made the quality, it start from a organic climb film to a high quality pan from Mauviel Paris, in cooking its clear we looking to get the maximum out from each single product there we have responsibility to work with care with the product and go seasonal.

Can you explain the concept behind the “Chef’s Mood Menu” and how it reflects your culinary vision?

–  We want give our chefs the maximum possible creativity. So we basically come spontaneous up with new dishes. Some time there happen magic :)

What are some of the challenges you face when working with techniques like fermentation, dehydration, and distillation?

– Fermentation is something where we have good books already. When it comes to distillation there we face many challenges its a unexplored technique where we need do many test before we can implement in our menu. Especially to set Parameters to the Rotovap.

How does the design of CAAA enhance the overall dining experience for your guests?

– The design make a significant visual part for the Experience. The client is the center of CAAA and around is build the design.

What impact do the projections of the Northern Lights have on the ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant?

– The light where we can change on our Wall-eclipse make a hormonic atmosphere and is part of our storytelling.

How do you see the future of AI and parametric design influencing the culinary industry?

–  We are the perfect example that it work to use AI to design a unique story.

Can you share a memorable dining experience or feedback from a guest that has stood out to you?

– A client got in tears and told us „what a beautiful experience“ thank you for that.

What advice would you give to aspiring chefs who want to innovate in their cooking practices?

– Find your own signature, after you can innovate your own style and techniques.

How do you stay inspired and continue to develop new dishes and concepts for CAAA?

– Travel, travel as much possible and go eat in many restaurants.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of running a restaurant that merges fine dining with advanced design technology?

– Its clearly the story we made a fine dining restaurant based on our story.

How has your diverse background in restaurant management and consulting contributed to the success of CAAA?

– Without all the experience I would be not able to have such a clear vision of CAAA.

What do you hope diners take away from their experience at CAAA, both in terms of taste and overall impression?

– Authenticity and inspiration we are proud of our work we do. Every single person work in CAAA have he’s own expertise.

How important is the collaboration between the culinary team and the design team in creating the unique environment at CAAA?

– Important is that both know exactly the Hospitality industry and functionality, so the environment we have created is based on CAAA’s storytelling and philosophies.

What are your future plans for CAAA, and do you have any upcoming projects or innovations you can share?

– When we came up with the name CAAA which the origin coming from our family name Catalano the three AAA we made joke about we could transform CAAA in CAAAfé , CAAAsa, CAAAntina CAAA_lucerne CAAA_X but CAAA it will be our main place where the roots will start growing.

A Commitment to Excellence

CAAA Restaurant by Pietro Catalano is more than just a restaurant; it is a celebration of creativity, sustainability, and the transformative power of modern cuisine. Whether you are a local or a visitor to Lucerne, a meal at CAAA promises to be an unforgettable experience that delights the senses and nourishes the soul.

Visit CAAA by Pietro Catalano for an extraordinary dining experience that blends modern cuisine with cutting-edge design. Reserve your table today and embark on a gastronomic journey unlike any other.

Contact Information:
Phone: +41 76 767 99 83
Address: Haldenstrasse 19, 6006 Lucerne, Switzerland

Discover CAAA Restaurant by Pietro Catalano-All4Chefs Restaurant stories